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Tobias Fifield. multimedia

Tobias Fifeld

San Francisco, CA


June, 2020

"(This is a recent window) I created during the BLM street protests as part of my Crisis Residency.

I am covering (the windows of shuttered businesses) pro-bono. I wanted to contribute, and wanted to paint a mural, but each storefront has been taken and it's competitive. I find most if not all storefronts are very selective and are privately funded. I was invited by a cookery and utensil store to add something to avoid any negative graffiti or slogans during the protests and actually found these a few months back and just pulled them out. I make art from found objects..I could have done something more graphic like what Barbara Kruger would. Most are phrases from Dr Seuss and added Yoko Ono's "IMAGINE PEACE" which makes sense for everything going on including the pandemic, BLM, and our constant struggle with what Humans have done to our planet. I wish I lived on another planet that is green, breathable and has no violence.

"The windows are on public display on a retail storefront in Atherton, California 30 minutes south of San Francisco who decided to cover their windows during the BLM movement. I added a little humor to open up conversation or to simply grab a smile."

May 2020

What do you miss most right now?

Making Papier Mach'e (sic)

What are your goals for yourself during residency?

To create awareness of how to educate the general public who don't care about their environment or the people around them.

What would you like to have accomplished by the end of this residency?

A new body of interdisciplinary artwork ; A collaborative community driven project/s with other artists / teaching artists

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