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Tennyson Corley. painting

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Tennyson Corley

Columbia, SC



June 2020

  "I created this series in in response to the pandemic during my Crisis Residency. They are appropriately titled "Send Smoke Signals So We Know You Are Ok". Bon fires are the ultimate intimate gathering places amongst friends. Yet we are asked to stay apart. We can bask in its warm glow alone but know we are all in this together. 

"Landscapes- Since quarantine, I have been pursuing landscapes. I felt a connection to paint the places I have been and want to return to/the places I have gone to while the world is locked away. I'd photograph places during my morning runs and return home and pull out my paint. I feel like I am documenting my life through the places I have been."

"Since the outbreak of the pandemic, after the dust of panic settled and I realized I still needed to paint, that being an artist was still my path, I took it upon myself to pursue landscapes, drifting away from my bird paintings for a bit. 

I work as a freelance horticulturalist and am an avid outdoor enthusiast: running, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing. Drawing from my passions I want to present my audience with the places I have been. I always strive to focus on the native flora and fauna of the south eastern region of the United States. I reside in the heart of South Carolina and I'm always in awe of the beauty from the mountains to the coast. 

My process, at the start, was working from photographs from family vacations, pictures I snapped from my runs, or photos my husband sent from work travels. With the ease on the stay-at-home order, I have been able to get out and paint plein air style, which I prefer. It allows me to get the hues, light and shadows just right.

I paint predominantly with  acrylic and pallet knives( occasionally gauche). Building up depth and texture, focusing on the feeling and movement of the grass, the fluff of the clouds, and texture the shadow and light of the trees create. I am one who is drawn to textures. I want you to want to reach out and touch my paintings(but don't actually, haha). I strive to fully express the feeling of these locations. To know how the grass blew in the wind. How the clouds looked like cotton candy in the sky.

 I work from a wide perspective with vivid colors and hints of the background peeking through. I am drawn to wide open views lately. Probably from being stuck at home for so long, just itching to get out, explore and regain freedom to adventure without walls."

May 2020

How has this year impacted you?

It's actually helped me creatively

What do you miss most right now?

The beach

What do you wish you could do creatively at this moment in time?

Paint a giant painting

What are your goals for yourself during residency?

To create and create and create some more. To give myself more purpose and MORE drive .

What would you like to have accomplished by the end of this residency?

Growth. Always with creating my hope is to grow, and to learn... I never want to stagnate.

How can you creatively overcome these challenges?

Outdoor adventure to keep taking in all the inspiration and putting brush/pallet knife to canvas on the daily.

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