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Paul Margolis. photography

Paul Margolis

New York, NY


May 2020

"... People sitting on lawn chairs on the closed part of W. End Ave.; a bagpiper who plays Amazing Grace every evening at 7; the owner of a market on Broadway standing in front of his store in a face mask, with a sign behind him telling customers that they have to wear masks and stand 6 feet apart, a family with a baby in a stroller and a shaggy dog, all masked (except the baby and dog); two guys standing in front of their building banging on pans...   One of my subjects took a cell phone picture of me with mask and Leica camera, that I should include as well. There are others that I haven't yet scanned, and I will get to them in a few days.  I will also be doing a film processing marathon on Tuesday or Wednesday, so more images will emerge, hopefully good stuff from my walks in Central Park.  

When things started to get really bad in the city, I mostly hid out, but in early May my obsession with documenting NYC took hold again, and I've been trying to make up for lost time.  My low-tech processes take more time than new-fangled digital, but they have a certain je ne sais quoi that the modern stuff doesn't. "


What do you miss most right now?

Being able to roam the city, take the Staten I. Ferry and the subway to photograph

What do you wish you could do creatively at this moment in time?

Photograph all over the city, rather than just within walking distance of where I live

What are your goals for yourself during residency?

To photograph the 7pm tributes to the health care workers and other signs of the pandemic on the Upper West Side with my old cameras and black and white film.

What would you like to have accomplished by the end of this residency?

I hope to have a collection of images and portraits that can be shown either online or in exhibits.

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