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Nikki Brooks. Activism, performance, installation.

Nikki Brooks

Hyattsville, MD

Activism, Performance, installation

The Black Woman Aesthetic Podcast with Amena Johnson

Are you worried?

Not necessarily worried, just perturbed with the state of things right now. Really taken back by the hypocritical behaviors of those individuals who take a stance for pro-life, pro-blue, and so called constitutionalist, but never surprised.

Is your art currently changing?

I think more of my work ethic is changing. I have been blessed with time, an element of my everyday that I miss when I’m working at my 7am to whenever job. My work is expanding but it still operates under activism.

What are you working on right now?

A memorial that has broken into two separate bodies of work. (I’ve been documenting my process not ready to release pics yet)

How do you stay connected?

I host a daily virtual Sip and Paint on Tuesdays. I also received a grant for art supplies: the week after we (educators) were told school would not be open I sprung into action because I knew my students (from lower income areas surrounding Washington D.C.) would need supplies (I wanted them to have supplies) and I did a donors choose, got the funds, got the supplies, sorted the supplies by grade, and have been delivering art kits to the entire school body (789 students). I also continue virtual learning with my students.

Any advice for fellow AIRs?

I’d say continue to take this opportunity to continue the good work that we (artists) provide. I feel we too are essential because we have the ability to provide outlets for mental healing.

If there were no restrictions, what is your dream creative project?

An installation in a massive space, on a Kienholz level, but I only need one vehicle (a police van).

The Black Woman Aesthetic becomes a talk show on T.V. One or BET. I would start there although I would love for it to just be a conversation.

*Thanks Nikki, you're the best

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