• Kate Hooray Osmond

Patz Fowle

Ceramic artist

Hartsville, SC

How has your past and your influences directed your creative path?

Each lovely human, artistic connection, and, personal experience has lead me to the path I'm on in this moment. I can't wait to see what's around the corner.

How has the pandemic, social dynamics, election (2020) affected your local community and your creative practice?

Locally, it has created some deep thinking and soul searching. My creative practice will reach out even more.

Why did you decide to join CRISIS residency?

The idea for this creative opportunity was brilliant. When things began to unravel on a global basis, it was the right thing at the right time. This open residency has helped to bring creative types together as a community.

What are you currently working on now? Is that a change from your prior work?

My most recent work, and the work of my high school STEM art students is what I call, the Pandemic Pen & Ink Project, and, the Pandemic Pottery Project. I encouraged students to create thought-provoking, works relating to the Global Covid-19 crisis, and or BLM. We have formed stronger, and closer connections through the sharing of each person's work and hearing their personal, artist's statements. Students shared their fears, their coping-mechanisms, and their ideas for a better future. We all realize, we are not in this alone and...and, we are stronger, together.

What is your next step in your practice?

I look forward to continuing my personal art practice, and my teaching practice, as one informs the other.

What is your dream project?

You did say, here goes. I would love to collaborative and set up a community developed institution that celebrates differences. While we're dreaming, let's call it the Creative School of a Different Thought.

What, if anything, would you like to say to other creatives during this time?

Share the love and hang onto your heart!

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