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Interview with CAIR Rachel Hubbard Kline. ceramics, fibers, conceptual

Rachel Hubbard Kline, ceramics, fibers, conceptual

Kansas City, MO

CAIR: Are you worried?

Rachel: I am very fortunate that my husband and I, along with other family members, have kept our jobs and been able to work from home. However, I do worry about how much longer society can continue like this - mentally, socially, physically, and economically. I worry for those who have lost their jobs and have a difficult time making ends meet. I worry for my students whose lives have been disrupted and those who are entering into college and the workforce with so many unknowns. In my area of the Midwest, while we have had several cases of Covid-19, we're not experiencing an extreme situation like other parts of the country. 

Is your art currently changing?

My current art practice is fairly consistent pre-pandemic, though I have spent many hours making masks for local hospitals. I've been juggling my personal art practice in a home studio that is now also my office for virtual school teaching. I do have some new ideas I'm exploring, but they aren't pandemic related. 

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on small tile works as part of an "Artist Care Package" through a gallery to benefit local artists and non-profit arts organization.

How do you stay connected?

My mom and I have been making masks for a local hospital, Children's Mercy, so I see her in person and get her groceries, though we stay socially distanced. My family members have a group text message thread and we had a birthday parade for my niece. Some friends and I have also had a couple of birthday parades. It's lovely to see friends and family in person, though socially distanced. I stay connected with my co-workers through regular email and a weekly department meeting. My students and I also email, but I miss the day-to-day check-ins. 

Any advice for fellow AIRs?

Find ways to connect with a community, whether that be neighbors, friends, co-workers, or family. Keep making! Use the resources you have at home to explore new ideas. 

If there were no restrictions, where would you go, what would you do?

I would connect with friends in person, rather than on Zoom. I'm looking forward to only necessary Zooming in the future. :) I miss our local museums and galleries. 

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