• Kate Hooray Osmond

Fred Schnell. ceramics, installation, mixed media.

Fred Schnell

Cincinnati, OH

ceramics, installation, mixed media.

"At the beginning of my college career I was an aspiring graphic designer. , but once I my hands touched clay, I couldn't take myself away from it. Even so there is this part of my personal aesthetic that I feel I now deny because ceramics and pottery are traditionally in the Fine Art wheelhouse. With my current work I am looking to use the wheel and traditional 'craft' materials to merge my love of clay with my need to create with the eye of a designer.

"I love ceramics. I am unable to go anywhere to make ceramics due to Coronavirus. I miss school. School provided me with structure. I’ve learned to crochet, it’s a cheep and relatively quick way to generate form.

"I aim to learn more about how I operate as an independent creative mind. I also aim to learn more about material processes I can do in my apartment. I hope to achieve creative independence from being a student. My creativity has been informed immensely and I aim to learn how to wield it with confidence and autonomy."

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