• Kate Hooray Osmond

deMoreno. painting. mixed media.


Haddam, CT

"I am a native New Yorker residing in Connecticut, where I work as a studio artist. I pursue the light, space and time of dreams through painting on canvas and paper. Using various mediums, I attempt to translate these dream realms. Experimentation and not attaching meaning to the work is key. Along the way creating an energetic space and allowing my intuition to come forth. I take this same approach when viewing through a camera lens - partnering with the accidental element of “mistakes” and surprise."


Are you worried?

Ha! Isn’t everybody at different points in their lives?!  The thing about worry is it always arrives with statements and questions, as full as a grocery bag: Is my work any good?  Am I being true to a vision?  No, you’re doing it wrong!  Am I listening and seeing clearly?  I can’t do that, it’s against the rules.  Hmmm…I can either allow myself to be consumed by these and other statements/questions, or bring them into the studio and turn them into art.  Thankfully, an inner voice comes to the rescue: “Just show up and get to work, you’ll feel better in the morning.”  The good thing about worry is, it’s not permanent.

Is your art currently changing? 

When your work, as mine, manifests from dreams (both sleep and daydreams), from emotions, pareidolia effects, etc., it’s constantly changing.  Whatever pierces my senses can percolate art.  Not too long ago I was in a quite space – the challenge of painting quite was both nurturing and exhilarating.

What are you working on right now (with pics)? 

I’m currently working on a series connected to our current C-19 situation called, “Stay Home”.  I’m exploring themes such as hiding, vulnerability, the unseen and the forgotten.  It is indeed a series under construction, where its development happens on the canvas.  At some point I’ll introduce clay and wood in this series.  Works shown are in progress.

How do you stay connected? 

Since I live in a very rural area without an art community, I’ve depended on books from my local library.  It’s incredibly fulfilling to go through an artist’s Catalogue Raisonne or read personal letters (I’m currently reading The Complete Letters of Vincent van Gogh).  I also plug into particular social media outlets to feed my many interests, along with providing some of the goings on within various art communities around the world.  Add to that Zoom gatherings and courses – which is the only good thing to come out of this pandemic.

Any advice for fellow AIRs?

  Above all else: Don’t let others define your art or your success.  And, take risks!  There are yeses out there…all you have to do is meet them half-way.

If there were no restrictions, what is your dream creative project? 

Build my and Hilma af Klint’s temple.  

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