• Kate Hooray Osmond

Arthur Kwon Lee. painting.

Arthur Kwon Lee

Greenpoint, NY


Arthur Kwon Lee is a Korean American visual artist born in Washington, DC. He is best known for capturing archetypal imagery through a combination of historical figures and cultural mythologies across the globe - his paintings can be described as a marriage of mythological representation and Fauvism.


What do you miss most right now?

Unfortunately my exhibition with GR-Gallery, Art New York, ChaShaMa and my collaborated event with Rolls Royce were all cancelled due to COVID-19.

What do you wish you could do creatively at this moment in time?

Above all else I miss my friends who are primarily artists as well, I have always felt it is an important source of inspiration to surround yourself with other disciplined creatives. Zoom has been an instrumental tool during this quarantine but its not the same as having everyone together in my studio in person with works to converse over.

What are your goals for during the pandemic?

My goals are to use this insulated time to produce a new body of work based on new readings I have been excavating.

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