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Ambrosia Bardos. Sound, film, painting, activism.

Ambrosia Bardos (morher)

Brooklyn, NY

sound, film, painting, activism

"Ambrosia Bardos is a mixed media painter, filmmaker, and sound artist working in Brooklyn, NY. Their process is intimate with complex-PTSD, neurodivergence, sensory disability and chronic illness, sex work, and mixed Quileute and Rromani genealogies. The medium itself acts as a mediator between vivid surface identity, anxiety, and narrative against subdued unconscious release, acceptance, and unity. Each piece constructs a container in which the media creates itself, where the weight of linearity can dissolve.

Bardos is an active advocate for sex workers rights and wellbeing, and works closely with SWOP Brooklyn and other national community run projects. They’re a survivor of complex early childhood sexual trauma, survival sex work and sex trafficking, and are currently a consensual, circumstantial sex worker of 15 years."

How has this Pandemic impacted you?

I really miss being in a crowded bar, the spontaneity of New York, people watching, aimless wandering.

I'm actually experiencing a lot of creative fulfillment for the first time - but I wish I could SHOW my work, and I wish I had more space to create in.

What are your goals for yourself during residency?

Complete a new body of work, and transition into being a full time artist (I've been a sex worker for 15 years, and have wanted to transition out of sex work for about 5 years now - not because it is a bad industry - I fully support and actively advocate for sex workers rights to work and respect - but it has been a traumatic space for me and is a space I feel incredibly stuck in. My mental health without it right now - even without much income - is just... so clear and calm, so I hope I can maintain without it moving forward <3).

What would you like to have accomplished by the end of this residency?

Accountability to a space where I am actively working on my goals, a better routine and mindset, feedback and interaction with/about my work and progress.

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