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Ali Arshad. installation, photography, performance.

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Ali Arshad

Lahore, Pakistan

installation, photography, performance.



"With this project and throughout this residency, I'll be working on portions of my house and explore them with reference to my time spent in them with stay-at-home regulations. 

In the current work, I've explored with objects that seem to be displaced digitally and my mother's bedroom, with which I have developed strong bittersweet connections over the time of the lockdown. I yet have to come up with a name for this project, and figure out more things that go on with this project but so far, I am using photography, digital medium, data and text.

update: June 2020

"I wonder what you'll make out of it, or anyone for that matter. It is so far distant from reality and the idea of time, a friend told me that she feels "numbbb", and I feel like my own house feels very much the same towards my artistic inquisitions. I've down so much to it, over years; made the walls of my room listen to joni mitchell even when they insisted on listening to led zeppelin or something more cool. Yet, as I lay the plan of my house on paper, room after room, it gets harder and harder for me to deduce that when did this house stopped breathing. Did I inhale all the air? Therefore, I present to you my storage room. It is what it is; a little curiosity cabinet of a household that once was!"

"These images are the work itself and a process to what I’ll continue working on. I am sorry if it does sound confusing, it is for me too. With this project i am trying to study portions of a big picture, and thus the images shared are one (complete) portion of the work, I’ll continue sharing with you as I make more work but I for now don’t know what the final work would look like. It could be a compilation of all the work that I make starting from the images I shared with you or it maybe a completely new visual that comes only I’ve been through the entire process. Hence, I wanted to be transparent in my practice and work and allow you to see for what is it that i am actually doing. I believe, the work will itself reveal to my viewers and I of what does it really entail and mean. So, my focus in this residency has strangely not been to resolve my work but see how it resolves itself with the pandemic. I hope I could provide some sense to my work, times like these are new for me and thus the demands and challenges of art practice are new as well, I like many have only begun to scratch the surface.

Things are as strange as they can get. Peoples emotions range from frustration to hopeful. We just celebrated a bittersweet Eid, today. The lockdown is easing and getting stricter too. We are living in strange times. Some are recovering yet some are contracting the virus. We are as oblivious as anyone. My practice was already ridden with a lot of self-doubt, like my body and immune system it too is vulnerable more than ever, given the current situation. I am only finding out about how is this affecting my practice in flashes and small episodes...

This residency is a great initiative to map the intensity of the pandemic in art making.

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