"Thanks for this awesome group to give me motivation and encouragement to reach a bit farther with my art and talents"

    COVID-19 Artist Residency is a program that exists solely during the pandemic. The Residency takes place where the artist is sheltering and is self-directed. That means that, like most residencies, the artist is responsible for their own art practice during this time and is not given instruction or a frame-work in which to operate. 


    The Residency is free to Apply and open to all creatives, regardless of their focus: visual, performance, conceptual, etc. are all welcome areas of focus.


    There is no requirement of the artist beyond the application. Instead of zoom meetings or time commitments, the artist is encouraged to focus on pursuing their work. Time is our most precious resource, and we'd like to preserve yours.


    Artists accepted to C.A.I.R. will receive an official acceptance letter. We encourage AIRs to submit images and updates of work throughout their residency to Instagram, our website, and their own. Nothing inspires others like witnessing creativity in action.


    Support your own community to the extent that you are able. Reach out to creatives within your region. Engage your physical environment. Try something new and then share it!

Is this Residency paid? 
nope. None of us are getting paid. But hey, it's free.

How is this Residency similar to others?
Like other residencies, this platform serves as a point of connection and motivation for creatives to pursue their own work on their own terms. There are no classes given, and resources are pursued by the individuals themselves. We are available to give feedback (through the contact button on the site) but at no point will serve as the support structure for an individual's art practice. This Residency serves the creative by reframing the time during the pandemic as an opportunity for self-investigation and creative discovery.

Am I required to submit artwork or communication on a regular basis?  
We would absolutely love to hear from you about your creative process (through the contact button on the site). There is no requirement of money, time, or accountability. Your time is precious, and I trust you are putting it to good use.
How long does the residency last? 
There is only 1 cycle for this residency that all Artists participate in. It lasts until December 31st, 2020.

Is there an opportunity for exhibition? 
Yes! Though physical galleries, exhibition spaces, and arts organizations are feeling the financial strain and uncertain future that we are experiencing, we are looking into exhibition opportunities. At the conclusion of the Residency, the artists and their stories will be published in a physical book and e-book about this time- so please add your works and stories to our Insta and work your process. Comment on and support your fellow Artists-In-Residence. We are all uncertain, we are all in need of something. We are all in this together.

About Kate Hooray Osmond, founder

     Hi there, I'm a painter and installation artist in Charleston, SC. I founded the Crisis Residency during the COVID-19 Pandemic because I felt my own creativity begin to drain away from me due to stress, time constraints, and distractions that crowded my art practice. 

     A body in crisis has fewer personal resources available to them, and their ability to think creatively is diminished de to a lowered threshold to take risks.

    This Residency was designed to grant the artist permission to pursue their own creativity during a crisis, to pursue new possibilities and to experiment. This Residency believes that every artist/creative is the embodiment of their community and culture. The artist is to be protected, and preserved and encouraged to experience the amazing internal and external transformations that take place during times of change.

     The sole mission of COVID-19 Artist Residency is to aid the artist/creative to recognize the energy and ability within each of us to be dynamic individuals who pursue, experiment, and thrive. 

     Good Luck, we're here for you.


Sincerely and with hope,

Kate Hooray Osmond



image by Alice Keeney

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