An In-Place Artist Residency open to All

            CRISIS Residency Project explores the creative landscape post-2020 through discourse and connection with artists, curators, gallerists, etc. 

 CRISIS Residency was founded in May 2020 as an In-Place, non-competitive Artist Residency with over 200 international Artists in Residence.  It has evolved to serve as a launchpoint for discussions amongst creatives that deep-dive into subjects such as creative process, the commercial ladnscape, digital viewership, authorship, gender and color in art, and more. 

         The Residency was designed to grant the artist permission to explore their own creativity during a crisis, to pursue new possibilities and to experiment. This Residency believes that every artist/creative is the embodiment of their community and culture. The artist is to be protected,  preserved, and encouraged to experience the amazing internal and external transformations that take place during times of change.

     The sole mission of CRISIS Artist Residency Project is to aid the artist/creative to recognize the energy and ability within each of us to be dynamic individuals who pursue, experiment, and thrive.

 The Residency is self-directed by the Artist and has no required commitment of time or input beyond the initial Application. Time and creativity are an individual's most precious resources and the aim of the residency is to preserve those in order for the Artist to pursue, experiment, and discover in their own art practice.

              CRISIS Residency operates as a way to reframe a time of crisis as an opportunity for creativity and personal growth. The residency does not serve to lead the artist through certain steps and does not operate to generate exposure for it's members. Rather, this platform operates to grant agency to members to recognize that their time is productive and necessary to their art practice, regardless of the current demands placed on them.

 All creative disciplines welcome.

Good Luck, we're here for you.

1. Apply.

2. Receive a Welcome Email and Acceptance Letter.

3. Practice Creativity on your terms.

4. Share and share alike.