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cycle open February 1st

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 CRISIS Artist Residency (Crisis Residency) was founded in May 2020 by artist Kate Hooray Osmond as an

In-Place non-competitive Residency in response to the circumstances of the Coronavirus Pandemic and socio-economic upheaval.

The Residency is self-directed by the Artist and has no required commitments of time, or input beyond the initial Application. We believe that time and creativity are an individual's most precious resources and the aim of the residency is to preserve those in order for the Artist to pursue, experiment, and discover in their own art practice.

Free to apply. All creative disciplines welcome.

Residency continues for the duration of the pandemic. At the end of the Pandemic, a book will be published about the Project and its Artists.

1. Apply.

2. Receive a Welcome Email and Acceptance Letter

3. Practice Creativity

4. Share and share alike.


Art Anywhere.


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